EZYFLOW TRACE is a high analysis suspension of Manganese, Zinc, Iron, Mag-nesium and Copper blended with kelp extracts. Designed to provide an early energy boost for early vigour and improved plant health.

Manganese is essential as an enzyme activator which helps with nitrate assimilation. It is also primarily involved in photosynthesis and chlorophyll production. Manganese influences auxin levels in plants and is required for maximum activity of many enzyme reactions found in the citric acid cycle.

Iron is a constituent of ferredoxin and cytochromes, it activates catalase, and plays an important role in the formation of chlorophyll. It takes part in photosynthesis and in respiration for the release of energy.


Specific gravity approximately 1.65, colour is light pink.

Introduction method

To ensure even mixing, half fill the spray tak with clean water and add the required amount of product. Agitate thoroughly then add the remainder of the water. Agitate thoroutghly while carrying out spray operations. Reseal part-used containers immediately after use, the same applies for fertigation.


  • Formulated with a concentrated balance of Manganese, Zinc, Iron, Copper and Magnesium,to ensure maximum nutritional benefit.
  • Easy to use free-flowing formulation compatible with a wide range of agricultural products including most seed dressing.
  • Accelerated seedling development due to essential nutrient availability from germination. It also assists nitrate assimilation.
  • Enhances early root development and encourages healthy and vigorous root systems allowing the plant optimal access to essential nutrients and moisture from the soil.

Environmental Conditions

Avoid application under extreme weather conditions, temperatures over 28 C, high humidity, frost or rain.


Download product info sheet for details.


Keep out of reach of children. When handling or using this product avoid skin and eye contact, ingestion or inhalation of spray mist. Always wear protective gloves, goggles, hat and protective clothing. Should the product be ingested or symptoms or signs develop after contact with the product, contact your doctor.