SIRIUS® is a unique silicon nutrient formulation that increases strength, growth and plant health.

Mode of Action

SIRIUS® is a fertilizer containing a unique form of silicon called silicic acid tetraethyl ester.

SIRIUS® reacts with the surrounding water to grab oxygen molecules and convert some of the silicon into silicon dioxide.

If applied to the soil, plant roots take in SIRIUS® in the form of Silicic acid and transport majority of it to the shoots along with the water stream.

After reaching the leaves or being applied as foliar, silicic acid is deposited in the walls of epidermal cells, just beneath the cuticle. As water is lost through transpiration, silicic acid concentrates and polymerizes to form solid silica gel. Silicon dioxide remains intracellularly. This results in the formation of a double layer of the cuticle-silicon, toughening the plant tissues.

Introduction Method

Rate schedule per Ha:

Foliar Application - 0.25-0.5L in 1000-1500L water - every 7 days