Trident is a folliar feed containing Zinc, Copper & Silicon – essential elements for plant health and is formulated with Orion’s proprietary “INHIB” Technology For reduced susceptibility to fungal and bacteria diseases. Also with some eradicant effect.

Trident Reduces plant susceptibility to:

  • Downy mildew
  • Powdery mildew
  • Botrytis
  • Pythium

Introduction method

It is assembled with a fraction of idracido of citric acid which allows for the rapid and effective absorption of these two microelements ensuring excellent function of the enzymatic processes; this in turn enables the improvement of the physiological state of cultivation and indirectly enhances plants’ natural defences, inducing them to optimal resistance when confronted with environmental adversity and parasites. Can also be used on leaves and roots, remaining in the root area for approximately two weeks.

Mode of Action

Trident’s "INHIB" technology combines the essential elements – Zinc, Copper & Silicon with naturally occurring acid Chelate polymers to Energize the plant through improving photosynthesis , Chlorophyll production and sugar formation.
Regulate water movement Aids the production of enzyme to improve Protein synthesis Improves Auxin development.
"reduces plant susceptibility to disease".

This results in a healthier plant, enhancing the plants natural immune system to "reduce plant susceptibility to disease".


3L/Ha in 100-200L water OR 2ml/L  2 applications per week.


Store in a cool and dry place in original pack away from direct sunlight. Recommended shelf life is 1 year from date of delivery.