Advantages of using biopesticides compared to chemical pesticides

Have you ever wondered why biological pesticides are preferred to their chemical counterparts when it comes to the best pesticide products to use in farming? Could it be due to their intelligent sounding name? No, even though, yes that name sure sounds cute. It is because of the following factors:

  1. How they affect non target species

When a pesticide is applied to counter a specific pest, this pest is referred to as the target species. Biopesticides products usually fight their intended pests while chemicals end up affecting non target species which include; other insects, birds and mammals.


  1. Pollution

Due to the toxic ingredients contained in the conventional pesticides, their pollution levels are so high that they cause serious and most of the times fatal effects to the environment. These negative effects can be experienced from the production of the product to the consumption of the plants that these products have been applied on.


  1. Cost

Most biological pesticide products occur naturally which reduces the cost of production resulting in relatively cheaper prices compared to chemical pesticides whose manufacturing cost is high. This results in the consumer footing the bill at a relatively costlier price.


  1. Pest resistance

Records have shown that pests tend to become resistance to conventional pesticides thus proving that it is not a long term solution, something that never happens with the use of organic pesticides.


  1. Market

As the ordinary consumer became aware of the dangers posed by synthetic chemicals, demand for farm products that have undergone organic treatments rose. This makes the use of these chemicals a potential risk as there’s a glaring possibility of incurring huge losses due to the consumer shunning your product.


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