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Dudutech Webinar: Understanding Nematodes for Practical Farmers

Globally, nematodes cause US$125 billion in crop losses, making them the single most important pest to threaten food security. With over 4100 phytoparasitic nematode species threatening global crops and increasing pressure to reduce reliance on chemical controls, understanding and implementing effective and sustainable management is critical in 2023. We have joined up with Ecospray and […]

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Get a 30% discount on Microbials – TRICHOTECH, MYTECH, BEAUVITECH, LECATECH and NEMATECH S

Using beneficial nematodes and fungi as biocontrols allows growers to easily defend their crops on a microscopic level, helping improve plant and soil health, as well as promoting the health and safety of end customers and farmers alike. Crop roots are vulnerable to attack by a variety of insect pests and fungal diseases which co-habit […]

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Boost your soil health with TRICHOTECH WP and MYTECH WP

Sustainably defend crops against plant-killing fungi and nematodes. Crop roots are vulnerable to attack by a variety of parasitic nematodes and fungal diseases which co-habit their soil. Growers who use MYTECH® WP and TRICHOTECH® WP on their crops defend their roots with naturally occurring beneficial fungi colonies and boost their soil and plant health. Integrating […]

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Understanding nematodes could unlock the potential of your farm.

A key to unlocking the potential of a crop is buried in the upper layers of the soil. Living within soil water pockets are worm-like micro-organisms called nematodes (phylum Nematoda). These tiny creatures amass large populations and in agriculture, they can help or hinder. Some nematodes are plant-parasitic (or PPNs for short), causing over $100 […]

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Get ahead of Thrips and Whitefly using our range of EPFs!

Buy LECATECH® WP or BEAUVITECH® WP and get a 5% discount.* Thrips and whiteflies can be a major challenge to growers as their numbers can quickly balloon, causing significant crop losses in their wake. By using LECATECH® WP and BEAUVITECH® WP, growers can sustainably manage these pests without negatively impacting the environment, people and other non-target organisms. […]

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Craig Oulton completed the Lewa Marathon, barefoot!

By Cory Smit – Dudutech In an inspirational feat of endurance, Craig Oulton (former Dudutech board member), completed the full 42.2km Lewa Safari Marathon ‘22 barefoot in just under 5 hours. Craig said he took on the barefoot challenge to raise funds for “Sports4Change, a wholly Kenyan charity organization that sponsors the education of orphans […]

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Dudutech celebrates seven long service awards in 2020

Earlier today, I was so incredibly proud to hand out six new Flamingo Horticulture Long Service Awards to members of the Dudutech team, for a total of 70 years of dedicated service. These new inductees are a perfect example of why we strive to build a working environment with a culture which develops careers rather than jobs. […]

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Thrips: Early Detection Is Key!

Mastering monitoring tools for improved Thrips control. By Festus Kilee, John Ogechah and Cory Smit As more growers around the world face Thrips (Order: Thysanoptera) and the crop challenges they bring, information and understanding have never been more important. Unnoticed Thrips challenges pose a significant threat to growers as their populations can quickly balloon, impacting […]

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“Dudutech recycles about 577kgs of plastic per week”

“Having the preservation of the environment at our core, we continually ask ourselves what more we can do to help build a sustainable future.” – Barnaba Rotich By Cory Smit, Dudutech Marketing   As hygiene supervisor at Dudutech, Antony Matete oversees the recycling of 10,500 product bottles and 200 high-density boxes per week, helping to […]

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Dudutech moves to connect customers and R&D

Meet the new Technical Product Team By: Cory Smit – Dudutech Marketing and Communications Dudutech is excited to announce the introduction of the new Technical Product Team, John Ogechah and George Mala. The newly created role comes as part of a commitment to continuous improvement and aims at connecting all arms of the business to […]

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In memory of Philip Carlton-Smith

The Dudutech team is deeply saddened by the passing of Philip Carlton-Smith on 26 March 2020.  As CEO of Ecospray and IBMA UK Chairman, Philip Carlton-Smith has been a part of the Dudutech community for over 5 years, uniting behind a common cause to promote sustainable agriculture. According to Ecospray’s Chairman, Stephen Falder, Philip had […]

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Memo from the MD: COVID-19

FAO: External and Internal Communications REF: Covid19 DOI: 19/03/2020 The health and safety of our community of customers, employees and partners across the world remains our top priority. As a business we have installed strict measures in our operations to reduce risk against Covid19 / Coronavirus: Frozen all non-essential visits to our facilities. Frozen all […]

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261 Trained at Sher Afriflora, Ethiopia

  Dudutech Ethiopia and the Dudutech Training Department joined forces to roll out a training programme for Sher Afriflora, spanning 261 employees and three of their farms in Ethiopia. The core focus of the training was geared towards raising basic IPM awareness among the participants, including over 60 at management-level and more than 180 scouts. […]

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The War on Red Spider Mites

Despite their tiny size, red spider mites (Tetranychus urticae) have a big impact on global agriculture, causing extensive damage to a wide variety of plants and crops and they have a terrifying super-power. These tiny super-pests are potentially resistant to the narrow range of available acceptable pesticides. However, the agriculture industry has minute but powerful […]

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Zimbabwean authorities approve range of ICM products from Dudutech

After a rigorous registration process, Phil Weller, the official distributor of Dudutech products in Zimbabwe, has received the official rubber stamp on a range of pest and crop management solutions. Among the products now available to farmers in Zimbabwe are MYTECH, TRICHOTECH, LECATECH and BEAUVITECH, microbial products used for the management of pests and diseases, […]

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ABIM 2017: The Biggest Biocontrols Gathering – Ever

Photo: David Cary, IBMA Executive Director said “We are constantly encouraged by the growth in visitor numbers this is a reflection of the Steering Committee’s continuing commitment to promoting a unique event showcasing innovation, excellence and professionalism in the industry.” Dudutech was at the biggest gathering of the biocontrol industry ever, held in October this […]

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Dudutech enters distribution partnership with Elgon Kenya

Photo: Tom Mason (MD – Dudutech), Mr Baiju Kantaria (MD – Elgon Kenya Ltd) and Mr Bimal Kantaria (MD – Elgon Kenya Ltd) during the signing of the distribution partnership. On the 11th October 2017, Dudutech partnered with Elgon Kenya as distributors of our bio-control products. Elgon Kenya controls a countrywide network of stockists and agrovets making […]

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Dudutech awarded funding for beans research from Agri-Tech Catalyst Fund Round 5

Project title: Improving consistency of yields and quality of large-scale and smallholder bean production in Kenya by precision management of soil, water and pathogens The fresh vegetable industry forms a vital part of Kenya’s economy. Kenyan growers export around 60,000 tonnes of fine and runner beans each year, worth £385M at retail sales value, with […]

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2017 Thrips seminar by Dudutech & Dow Agrosciences

This is a fantastic opportunity for growers to gain excellent insight and knowledge on Thrips management. With main speaker, Arturo Goldarazena, sharing his knowledge from working with mites and insects since the 90’s. For more information about the event – follow the event on our Facebook page Or contact John Ogechah: Mobile:  +254 (0) 722509746 […]

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Dudutech and Dow Agrosciences launch thrips training seminar!

Dudutech and Dow Agrosciences are pleased to invite all growers for a one-day conference titled “New perspectives in Thrips Management” to be held as follows; March 30th ,2017 –Enashipai Resort-Naivasha March 31st ,2017 –Kongoni Camp-Nanyuki The main speaker will be Arturo Golderazana ,a Thrips specialist from the Earth and Life Institute- Université Catholique de Louvain(Belgium). […]

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Incredible maize growth with Tricotech® WP

Great to the see #impact that #tricotech has on #maize – TRICHOTECH ® WP contains spores of Trichoderma asperellum an antagonistic fungus that is used globally for control of soil borne fungal diseases including Fusarium spp., Rhizoctonia spp., Sclerotinia spp., and Pythium spp. In addition, this strain is known to have the ability to increase […]

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December Quarterly Newsletter – Wishing you a happy festive season

2016 was an exciting year for Dudutech. New developments, a growing team with new members and a great positive spirit all around.

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