Flowers pests


Aphid nymphs and adults suck plant sap leading to stunted growth, deformed leaves and sometimes yellow spots appear

Bulb Mites

A widespread mite, Rhizaglophus eclinops, that tunnels in the bulbs of lilies and other plants


Grayish hairless caterpillar of waxy appearance that attacks vegetables during nights and hides in the soil during the day

Cyclamen Mite

Cyclamen mites feed by piercing tissue with their mouthparts and sucking out cell contents


Adults have a wingspan of 19 to 21 mm. Their forewings are gray-brown in colour with two yellowish-white transverse lines.

False Coddling Moth

A Small moth (6-9 mm long) which is active at dusk and during the night.

Helicoverpa Armigera

A polyphagous pest that creates Feeding holes on leaves, buds, growing points, flowers and fruit


Vegetable leafminer is a small black fly that through the act of laying eggs and feeding on leaves can kill seedlings


Mealybugs suck sap from the plant’s phloem tissues causing stunting, leaf deformation and sometimes yellowing

Plant Parasitic Nematodes

Plant parasitic nematodes cause economic losses to horticultural and field crop worldwide

Red Spider Mites

Adults and juveniles feed on the underside of leaves by inserting their stylets into the plant cells and sucking out the cell contents

Sciarid Flies

Sciarid Flies are common pests of mushroom houses and of plants grown in protected culture, for example herbs


Slugs can destroy foliage faster than plants can grow, thus killing even fairly large plants


Snails eat a wide range of vegetables and ornamental plants, especially seedlings and other soft growth


Feed in rapidly growing tissue by sucking sap from cells. The sucked out empty cells are filled with air, causing a silvery appearance

Tuta Absoluta

Tuta absoluta eggs are just 0.5 mm long and can be found on the underside of young leaves or on the stems. A female can lay 260 eggs.


Whiteflies suck phloem sap. Large populations can cause leaves to deform, turn yellow, appear dry, or fall off plants