How to find a market for your farm products

You have spent a whole season tending to your crops, all the while dreaming of how much you will earn when your produce reaches the market. Along the way you even found them healthy enough and #instaworthy. Now they are ready for harvesting but, to where? All of a sudden the fantasy evaporates and in sinks reality: You don’t know where to sell them! How will you get that money?
Here are a few places to get you started;

Do your homework

Before setting off on your journey to farming success, do some research. Find a niche and determine if there is demand for your intended crop. The lack of a product in the market could be due to arrange of reasons. From the lack of demand to the cost of production being higher than the potential returns.

Consider organisations
Instead of selling to individuals or small markets, consider applying for tenders in institutions and the government. Start with inquiring about in those found around your local area.

Exporting need not necessarily mean out of the country. You can sell to another town or city. When doing this, remember to include the transportation costs in your calculations. If you can afford your own transport, this can lower the cost significantly.

Establish a new market
Sometimes all you need to do is take the leap of faith and establish your own market. Remember to base it on your research though as some factors e.g religious practices and local customs might be the reason a certain product is not available in a certain area.

Local market
You can also start small. Find a stall at your local market and start building a loyal customer base. Depending on your skills, this can turn out to be a huge opportunity as you expand.

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