20 Years of Dudutech

Over the last 20 years, Dudutech has pioneered Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in Africa by researching and developing safe and sustainable crop protection targetted at a hit-list of the most economically important horticultural crop pests and diseases for growers of high-quality vegetables, fruit and flowers. In that time, we have grown from a small R&D unit in Homegrown to a team of 350+ manufacturing and promoting over 50 IPM products across Africa, Europe and North America. Our range includes 17 in-house biocontrols (natural predators, parasitoids, nematodes and fungi), as well as over 35 internationally sourced third-party physical, nutritional and chemical solutions. Everything Dudutech has achieved was driven by a culture of teamwork steered by the values of Sustainability, Reliability, Innovation, Integrity and Excellence.


Celebrating 20 Years of Sustainability

What does Sustainability mean to Dudutech?

Sustainability at Dudutech means ensuring that all activities are undertaken with long and short term environmental risks and challenges in mind. Over the past 20 years, our teams have been measuring up to this value every day. Our philosophy is designed to help growers reduce their environmental risk while growing healthier plants.

For growers, sustainability means being able to continue to consistently grow long into the future. To consumers, sustainability means their fruit, veg and flowers are considerate of the environment and welfare of the people producing it. By choosing products grown with IPM, consumers and their families minimise their ecological impact.


Celebrating 20 Years of Reliability

How do we practice Reliability?

As a core value at Dudutech, reliability is a promise that our products and services are consistent and effective tools for tackling integrated crop management target challenges.

We have continually invested heavily in R&D and production of our range of IPM products to ensure consistent quality and quantity. We strive towards reliability every day, through the high-quality products which make it to the crop and in our interactions with our team members and customers.


How has Innovation shaped Dudutech?

Successfully delivering biological pesticides to growers, from R&D to commercialisation, requires a culture of innovative thinking. Our teams work daily on the cutting edge of plant, microbe and insect biology, as well as packaging and logistics to ensure safe delivery and are dedicated to putting scientific discovery into practice for the benefit of farmers, consumers and the environment.


How does excellence at Dudutech help farmers?

We follow ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards in every facet of our business to ensure that our products are produced following the highest quality standards. In bio-controls, quality is paramount; it shows us that the product meets our standards and will work in a predictable way.


How has Integrity shaped the culture at Dudutech?

Integrity is our promise to the society around us that all decisions, interactions and communications are conducted with honesty and ethics in mind. This value is practised on an individual level by everyone at Dudutech.

We are immensely proud of the spirit of teamwork and collaboration all our staff members and supply partners have adopted when tackling projects and day to day tasks. By working together, we exceed our individual potential.

How has IPM improved your farm?

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