AMBLYTECH C® contains Amblyseius cucumeris a predatory mite used for the management of Thrips. It targets various species of Thrips preying on hatching eggs and larvae.


Amblyseius cucumeris are generally beige in colour and less than 1mm in length. In spite of its modest appearance, it is still quite conspicuous because of its mobility on the underside of leaves or in the flowers. These mites crawl around on the leaves and within the flower buds looking for Thrips larvae and hatching eggs; it usually tackles the smaller, newly hatched Thrips larvae but have also been known to tackle larvae bigger than themselves.

Introduction method

Gently sprinkle AMBLYTECH® C onto the affected areas of the crop.

Hold the container in a horizontal position and rotate it carefully to evenly mix the predators with the carrier material.

Sprinkle the entire contents of the container on to the crop foliage.

Mode of Action

AMBLYTECH®C actively hunt for Thrips and hatching eggs by crawling on leaves and within the flower buds and feed on their pray by sucking them dry. The adult predatory mites live for up to 30 days.

Female A. cucumeris can lay up to 35 eggs which are strategically laid among Thrips populations. The larvae emerge and develop into protonymphs then deutonymphs - these nymphs are also predatory, feeding on immature Thrips

Environmental Conditions

Relative humidity should be above 60% and the temperatures above 20°C during the day.


Preventative - 25/m² every 14 days.

Light curative - 100/m² every 7 days, repeat 3x.

Heavy curative - 200/m² every 5-7 days, repeat 5x.


Apply on the day of receipt, transport and store at temperatures of between 12-16° C in the dark.