AMBLYTECH ® contains Amblyseius californicus a predatory mite used for the management of Red Spider Mites (RSM). It eats all stages of RSM but prefers younger ones. Amblyseius californicus can also feed and survive on Thrips and pollen and can survive for up to 3-4weeks without food and therefore very good for prophylactic treatments and maintaining low populations of RSM.

AMBLYTECH ® can be used complementarily with PHYTOTECH ® (Phytoseiulus persimilis) to manage RSM; the latter is good for hot spot treatment.


Amblyseius californicus are translucent and can be pale orange to peach in color. Nymphs are translucent in color. Both nymphal stages; the protonymphs and the deutonymphs, resemble the adults except that they are smaller and cannot re-produce. Eggs are oblong, transparent and white to dirty white in colour. Adult females are slightly bigger than males and more oval in shape.


Sprinkle material on the leaves. Best results are realized when AMBLYTECH ® is applied before the RSM population gets out of hand.

Mode of Action

Adult and nymphal stages of the predatory mite search actively for their prey and suck it dry.

Environmental Conditions

Amblyseius californicus can tolerate low relative humidity and high temperatures. It can also tolerate a wide range of the commonly used pesticides.


It is recommended to apply 10-250 mites per m2 or 100,000-250,000 mites per hectare and the frequency to be determined by the scouting reports.


Best results will be achieved if applied on the day of receipt. Transport and store at temperatures of between 8-12° C in the dark.