CRYPTOGRAN FCM contains Cryptophlebia leucotreta granulovirus (CrleGV-SA), used in the management of False Codling Moths (FCM) Thaumatotibia leucotreta, a pest in the fruit production.

Mode of Action

Following an application on the crop, CRYPTOGRAN FCM virus particles are ingested by FCM larvae. The protective coating around the particles dissolves in their digestive system, releasing the virus to infect the pest. Once entirely infected, the pest dies and the cadaver ruptures, releasing millions of virus particles into the environment - ready to infect other FCM larvae.

Fig 1.0 Typical CRYPTOGRAN granulovirus action cycle.


CRYPTOGRAN FCM is applied as a spray at 10ml per 100 litres of water with 250ml molasses and a wetter, as a full cover film spray. At least two applications of CRYPTOGRAN FCM per orchard per season are recommended on citrus and avocados. Use pheromone traps to determine pest pressure.

Advantages of CRYPTOGRAN FCM

› Compatible with biocontrols (natural enemies).
› Specifically targets FCM, safe to all other organisms.
› Secondary infections occur in the field.
› No resistance development.
› No MRLs.
› No REI and PHI period required.
› Compatible with organic farming.

Our Supplier Partner

River Bioscience is a leading biocontrols and crop protection business based in South Africa and our proud supply partner.


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