DIGLYTECH® contains live adult Diglyphus isae ectoparasitic wasps, which are used in the management of leaf miner in all larval stages, but the second and third stage in particular.


Adult Diglyphus isaea is normally 2-3 mm in size, metallic green in colour and with short antennae. The other stages develop near the host.


DIGLYTECH® is applied to the crop by releasing the wasps between affected leaves in the morning or evening after considering the pesticide history and program of the area to be applied.

Mode of Action

Female adult D. isaea actively hunt for, sting and paralyse leafminer larvae in their mines and lay their eggs on the cadavers. The egg develops into a parasitic wasp inside the mine (but outside the leaf miner), using the dead prey larvae as food. Host feeding also takes place. This action breaks the leafminer life cycle.

Visual effect

Two weeks after introduction it is possible to see parasitization. The presence of D. isaea is recognized by short/stopped mines containing dead larvae. Pupae of D. isaea can be seen when holding leaves up to the light.

Environmental conditions

DIGLYTECH® is recommended when leafminer infestations rise.


Light curative - 1000/Ha, 1x.

Heavy curative - 2000/Ha, repeat 3x.


Storage after receipt is a maximum of 1-2 days at temperatures of 8-12°C with the bottles standing upright and in the dark.