InBio Calbud

A liquid fertiliser high in Calcium with synergistically balanced macro and micro nutrients for enhanced early stage plant development.

Calcium is the primary building block of the cell walls and membranes without which cell division will be adversely affected, and structural stability and permeability of the cell walls will suffer. Calcium is the main transport mechanism for nutrients and boron is the placement of these nutrients in the plant. Results show that increasing available Calcium to the crop promotes longer shelf life, and reduces bruising. Problems such as cracking, splitting, water core, bitter pit, internal browning, blossom-end rot in tomatoes and soft-bottom in melons are avoided.

Magnesium is an essential part of the chlorophyll structure. Magnesium plays a major role in photosynthesis and other plant functions, particularly the uptake and mobilisation of other plant nutrients, specifically phosphorus. Magnesium is very mobile in the plant and deficiencies are seen in the old leaves with inconsistent chlorosis.
Magnesium is an essential part of the ATP activation process that helps in energy storage in cell catalysing various enzyme systems that regulate metabolic processes. Magnesium deficiencies lead to abnormal growth patterns associated with reduced yield and quality.

Zinc forms an enzyme which produces carbon dioxide and maintains CO2 levels for photosynthesis. Zinc plays an important role in the production of auxins.

Boron is a trace element essential to many functions of the plant. It is actively involved in the transportation of sugars across cell walls, and in the synthesis of cell wall material and the regulation of water within the cells. As a direct effect of boron availability to necessitate these functions, deficiencies of the trace element will result in stunted plant growth and development. Boron is closely linked to the reproductive process of the plant in that pollen production is greatly influenced by the availability of boron. Sufficient available quantities are essential for the production of pollen and for pollen viability.


Specific gravity approximately 1.5 colour is cream suspension.

Introduction method

To ensure even mixing, half fill the spray tak with clean water and add the required amount of product. Agitate thoroughly then add the remainder of the water. Agitate thoroutghly while carrying out spray operations. Reseal part-used containers immediately after use, the same applies for fertigation.


  • Synergistically formulated to ensure essential crop nutrition, especially from the pre-bud stage right through to post-harvest.
  • Safe to use formulation that can be used during flowering
  • Calcium is required for the synthesis of cells in the growing pollen tube and determines its direction of growth.
  • Added Magnesium to improve chlorophyll production, especially in new leaf
  • Provides essential Zinc that improves pollination as well as levels of growth hormones, Zinc also helps to relieve environmental stress.
  • Boron assists pollen tube development as well as the whole pollination process and enhances calcium absorption.
  • Can be applied with a wide range of agricultural chemicals.

Environmental Conditions

Avoid application under extreme weather conditions, temperatures over 28 C, high humidity, frost or rain.


Download product info sheet for details.


Keep out of reach of children. When handling or using this product avoid skin and eye contact, ingestion or inhalation of spray mist. Always wear protective gloves, goggles, hat and protective clothing. Should the product be ingested or symptoms or signs develop after contact with the product, contact your doctor.