STICKTECH® Plus Blue is a specially designed physical solution for the management of Thrips, Whiteflies and other flying insects in greenhouses under UV blocked plastic films.


Specifically selected blue hue. Doubled sided with special glue. This product either comes in packs of 10 cards, 10cm x 25cm and 20cm x25cm.

Introduction method

Use in greenhouses which have UV blocking film.

Hang STICKTECH® Blue cards 15cm above the plant canopy, adjusting as the plant grows. Follow the rate schedule below for recommended rates.

Rate Schedule:

Light Pressure - 500/Ha - 12-16 weeks

Heavy Pressure - 1000/Ha - 12-16 weeks

If the cards are full or dusty, replace immediately.

Mode of Action

STICKTECH® Blue uses an adhesive coated card (measuring 10cm x 25cm) with a selected blue hue to emit a specific wavelength of light to attract and trap adult Thrips and whiteflies. These traps disrupt the reproductive cycle of these pests in the field.

Environmental Conditions

STICKTECH® Blue can tolerate low relative humidity and high temperatures. It can also tolerate a wide range of the commonly used pesticides.


Store in a cool and dry place in original pack away from direct sunlight. In case it contains pheromones,STICKTECH® Blue should not be stored in temperatures above 18ºC.

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