Tuta absoluta lures are rubber strips impregnated with a synthetic replica of the Tuta absoluta female pheromone.

Sticky traps are yellow or blue insect attractant cards specifically selected for their ability to attract insects.

The cards are impregnated with a sticky substance that traps the insects on the cards.


Tuta absoluta lures are packed in small aluminium foil packs each containing 10 strips.

Introduction method

Traps and lures should be applied as early in the cropping cycle as possible.

Apply one lure per insect trap. The lures and traps should be placed within the crop canopy where the moths are found.

The traps can be used for monitoring as well as mass trapping.

Mode of Action

Lures are "attract and kill" tools used together with insect sticky traps (cards) that are available separately. Tuta absoluta adult males are lured onto the sticky attractant traps by the pheromones on the lures. The moths are trapped on the cards where they die. This disrupts the mating activity of adults – thus reducing the population and eventually causing the population to crash. The lures and cards can also be used to monitor the populations of the pests.


For monitoring, apply 10 traps each with 1 lure on 1 hectare.

For mass trapping, apply 1 trap with 1 lure every 20m².

Change the traps and lures once full or after 8 weeks.


Pheromone lures are a very sensitive tool. They can be affected by exposure to elevated heat and direct

Direct touching by hand may cause cross contamination or masking the pheromone leading to mixed or low catches.

Store under refrigeration away from direct sunlight.

To store longer than 1 week and up to 4 months, keep frozen.