Zimbabwe’s Forrester Estate team and Phil Weller tour Ladybird Farm

Forging strong relationships
In mid-January 2022, Dudutech hosted Phil Weller from Dudutech Zimbabwe and his customers, Chris and Ferdinand from Forrester Estate for a tour of Ladybird Farm in Naivasha, Kenya.

The trip aimed to provide a deeper understanding of the products and capabilities directly to the farmers. The group took part in a special guided backstage tour of Dudutech’s state-of-the-art facility including the outdoor and indoor insectaries, fungal and nematode production and quality control facilities.

Phil has been working with the Forrester Estate team for over 6 years to deliver sustainable crop protection to their 2,300 Ha of crops including peas, tobacco, blueberries, cereals, grasses and citrus.

“Our Dudutech trip was an eye-opener,” said Ferdinand (Forrester Estate), “it is truly amazing what growth the Dudutech team achieved with their vision, driven research and bold management. Ecological sustainability is the foundation of economic sustainability… There is much more we need to do: IPM, compost, worm farming, activated charcoal, green manure and crop rotation.”

To learn more about Dudutech in Zimbabwe, contact Phil:

Phil Weller
Zimbabwe Authorised Reseller