BEAUVITECH® WP is a biological insecticide containing Beauveria bassiana used to manage Thrips, whiteflies and other soft bodied insects.

Mode of Action

  • Attachment – Spores of B. bassiana attach to the insect body and germinate.
  • Penetration – Fungal hyphae through enzymatic action break the insect cuticle and penetrate the insect body.
  • Multiplication – The fungus obtains nutrients from the insect and multiplies inside the insect, destroying internal tissues.
  • Death – The insect reduces its feeding and mobility and eventually dies after 3 – 5 days, depending on insect species, age and conidial dose.
  • Spore emergence – After insect death, spores emerge through the cuticle forming a white covering around the insect cadaver.

Relative humidity of above 70% and temperatures of between 18 – 30°C are essential for conidial germination. Infection establishes between 24 and 48 hours. The infected insect may live for 3-5 days after hyphal penetration and, after death conidia are produced on cadaver. Best results will be obtained when treatment starts early before pest populations become heavy.

Preparation and Application

BEAUVITECH® WP is applied as a foliar spray:

  • Mix BEAUVITECH® WP with water at a rate of 2L per 250g product; stir well to form a uniform suspension.
  • Add the suspension to the required volume of water in the spray tank and mix well.
  • Add the required amount of an appropriate wetter at recommended rates and mix thoroughly (Information on the appropriate wetter may be obtained from Dudutech).
  • After mixing with water, the product should be sprayed as soon as possible; DO NOT store overnight.
  • Thorough coverage of the leaf surfaces where the insects are to be found is a must to obtain good efficacy.
  • Apply using High volume spray equipment.
  • Maintain a minimum Relative humidity of 70 % for at least 12 hours. Highest infection levels are achieved at temperatures of between 20 - 28°C. Best results will be achieved when applications are done early morning or late afternoon.


Preventative - 250g/Ha* every 14 days.

Light/Medium Curative - 250g/Ha* every 7 days.

Heavy Curative - 250g/Ha* 5-7 days.

*per 500/1000L water.


Store in a cool, dry place in tightly closed original pack. Do not freeze and do not allow the product to undergo thermal shock. May be stored in original unopened container for six months at temperatures of 10-20° C.


BEAUVITECH® WP is compatible with most biocontrols and insecticides; however it is generally recommended that the grower refer to the Dudutech pesticide side-effects compatibility guide since some chemicals may have detrimental effects on Beauveria bassiana, as it is a living organism. Avoid chemical fungicide spray at least 3 days before and after using BEAUVITECH® WP.

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