PHYTOTECH ® contains a predatory mite Phytoseiulus persimilis marketed for management of the two-spotted mite (Tetranychus urticae). The predatory mite is specific to spider mites and consumes all stages of the spider mite. The adults as well as protonymphs and deutonymphs predate on spider mites.


Bright red, very active, spherical and stands high on its legs. The eggs are oblong, first pink and transparent, later on darker, twice as big as spider mite eggs. Larvae/nymphs are pale to light red.


Turn and shake the bottle gently before releasing the P. persimilis. Sprinkle onto the crop canopy gently.

Mode of Action

Adult predatory mites and nymphs search actively for adults, nymphs and eggs of the spider mite and suck them dry.

Visual Effect

Adult red spider mites that have been eaten change colour from brown to black and can be identified as tiny black dots on the leaf. This should not be confused with living, light brown to dark-red spider mite.

Environmental Conditions

Relative humidity should be greater than 75% and the temperature above 20° c for some hours of the day.


Apply 50-100 mites per m2 or 500,000-1 million mites per hectare. Rates will be dependent on estimated number of spider mites by way of scouting. The ratio should ideally be 1 P. persimilis to 5 mites depending on the risk of assessment.


P. persimilis should be used within 24 hours of reception and storage during transportation should be between 8-10° c.