STICKTECH® Plus Yellow

STICKTECH® Plus Yellow is a specially designed physical solution for the management of Thrips, Whiteflies and other flying insects in greenhouses under clear or nectarine plastic films.


Specifically selected yellow hue. Double sided with special glue. This product card comes in the following sizes: 10cm x 25cm and 20cm x 25cm.

Introduction method

STICKTECH® can be used for various crops and the cards should be positioned just above the plant head and raised as the crop grows. place monitors horizontally on the path, for optimal effect against the pest. Hang STICKTECH cards about 15cm above the plants for optimum performance.

Mode of Action

STICKTECH® is brightly coloured in yellow, thus attracting the flying insects to it. The cards should be placed strategically near the place where THE FLYING INSECTS CONGREGATE AND placed in areas with highest risk of infestation.

Placement dates should be marked to make it easier for inspection.

Monitoring and record keeping is encouraged to keep track of the rate of pests.

STICKTECH® should be replaced when filled up, after gathering dust or when the glue dries out.

Environmental Conditions

STICKTECH® can tolerate low relative humidity and high temperatures. It can also tolerate a wide range of the commonly used pesticides


500 (10x25cm)/Ha per application.


Store in a cool and dry place in original pack away from direct sunlight. In case it contains pheromones, STICKTECH® should not be stored in temperatures above 18ºC.

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