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Dudutech Webinar: Understanding Nematodes for Practical Farmers

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Globally, nematodes cause US$125 billion in crop losses, making them the single most important pest to threaten food security. With over 4100 phytoparasitic nematode species threatening global crops and increasing pressure to reduce reliance on chemical controls, understanding and implementing effective and sustainable management is critical in 2023.

We have joined up with Ecospray and UK-based nematode control expert Dr Colin Fleming for a global webinar to empower our growers with useful and practical information on nematodes.


  • Plant Parasitic Nematodes – biology, ecology and diversity
  • Signs and symptoms of PPN attack – Economic importance to farmers
  • How nematodes interact with plants
  • Nematodes as Biocontrols for pests
  • Biology, ecology and diversity
  • Integrated Management of Nematodes
  • Tools and methods for sustainable management of Nematodes

Watch the webinar recording here: