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Dudutech at IFTF, Vijfhuizen

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We are excited to be exhibiting at the 2016 IFTF Trade Show in Vijfhuizen, Holland.

We invite you to visit our stand C4.20 to meet our team and discuss how we can help you with Integrated Pest Management.

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Dudutech featured in the Farmers Review Africa

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We are excited to share with you that Dudutech was featured in the September/October issue of the Farmers Review Africa. Read about all the work Dudutech has been doing in the Agricultural Innovation sector in Africa. Featured on the cover of this issue is our Managing Director, Thomas Mason.





A fascinating Cryptotech story

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One of Dudutech’s oldest clients, RedLands Roses, shared some very exciting news with us.

Our Technical Sales Operator, Hannah Kibiru, applied Dudutech’s product, Cryptotech, three times in a section of one of their greenhouses one month ago. Cryptotech (Cryptolaemus montrouzieri) is the most active Mealy Bug predator. Both the larval and adult stages of this predator attack all stages of mealy bugs.


Stefano Banella, IPM Manager at RedLands Roses, explains to us that two weeks ago he reported seeing one adult Chryptotech. Then last week he reported that they had noticed a number of larvae and adults feeding heavily in that section of the greenhouse. “I think it is quite exceptional” expresses Stefano to our Dudutech team.

Dudutech’s BioPesticide Launch for the Smallscale Farmer

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On the 26th of August, Dudutech partnered with Kenya Markets Trust and KALRO (Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization) to create National awareness on the importance of using BioPesticides and share learnings on the pilot projects ran by Dudutech in Kirinyaga and Meru Counties.

Enhancing BioPesticide use with smallholder Farmers in Kenya

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We are proud to share this project with the support of Kenya Markets Trust, Gatsby Africa, and the Department for International Development – UK

Agrichemicals and ever more intensive farming will not feed the world

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The Guardian

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The latest frontier is Africa, where there is a new scramble to spread the agroindustrial model of farming. It may well be in Africa, however, that a different, more ecological vision of the food future emerges. I had a glimmer of it on a trip to a large-scale horticultural export company based on Kenya’s Lake Naivasha.

The company, Flamingo Homegrown, has abandoned its long and heavy use of chemical pesticides, partly in response to a campaign highlighting their effect on workers’ health, but partly too in recognition that they were on a losing treadmill of spraying and pest resistance.

They have reinvented their agriculture in a way that makes the science of agrochemical use look as primitive as a blunderbuss. Instead they employ groups of highly trained African scientists to study and reproduce in labs the fungi and microrrhizae in healthy soil that form intricate links with plant roots. Rather than waging chemical war on the land, they are working to harness its immensely complex ecosystems. They have built vast greenhouses dedicated to breeding and harvesting ladybirds to control pests biologically rather than chemically.

There is an another route to food security – and it is the polar opposite of three agrochemical giants bestriding the world.

This article was amended on 3 October 2016. An earlier version referred to glyphosphate; that has been corrected to glyphosate.

October Open House Training Calendar

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Dudutech is offering a variety of courses this October from the 10th- 14th of October. Each day we are providing a different course for you to choose from. For any price inquiries please contact and confirm your booking

A Dudutech Potato Story– Trichotech Drench

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Meet David, a loyal Dudutech supporter who enjoys helping his father with farming work in Zimbabwe. David and his father were offloading a shipment from farmer, Gareth Palmer, when they came across this 1.88kg potato! Gareth’s biggest potato weighed 2.08kgs!

Gareth has been using Dudutech’s #Trichotech product for his potato crop in conjunction with his other products. He has been using about 5-6 bottles of #Trichotech per hectare. He also had a #Whitefly problem and so used Dudutech’s #Lecatech to solve it. He used a double #Lecatech with a chemical to squash it and is now thinking of using Dudutech’s #Beauvitech to squash the potato #TuberMoth.

Dudutech’s IFBA Certified Professionals – Eric Langat

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Dudutech is proud to announce that our Production Coordinator, Eric Langat, is now an IFBA Certified Professional. Congratulations to Eric for his excellent scores on the Biorisk Management Certification Exam.


Dudutech’s IFBA Certified Professionals – Vitalis Wekesa (PhD)

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Dudutech is proud to announce that our Biorationals Business Manager, Vitalis Wekesa (Ph D), is now an IFBA Certified Professional. Join us in congratulating Vitalis on his Biorisk Management Certification Exam.