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Protecting our team through COVID-19 vaccination

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Dudutech team members registering the first shot of their COVID-19 vaccination.

As a part of our ongoing commitment to our team’s health and safety and joining the global drive to eliminate COVID-19, Dudutech is rolling out a vaccination program to the entire team. According to Benjamin Desruelle, Dudutech’s COO, the program which started on 16 April 2021 is “targeting a 100% vaccination rate for the first shot in December 2021.”

Wilson Wainaina, Dudutech’s HR manager, said “we have a reduced risk of our employees getting infected with Covid -19. As vaccination rates rise within the company, it is less likely people are to experience stress or skip health care appointments – which means happier and more productive employees.”

Dudutech team members queuing to receive the first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine at Ladybird Farm, Naivasha.

The vaccination program is aimed at helping further protect the health and wellbeing of our team. By working closely with all departments, the program has so far reached 85% of team members with the first dose, totalling 302.

The welfare committee was used to raise awareness by engaging directly with the participants. Although, Wilson said “religious beliefs and underlying medical conditions” were major challenges to the program.

Training for end-to-end QC protocols in Ethiopia a success

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The QC team during the training at Sher Afriflora, Ethiopia.

Building knowledge and understanding through QC training

Earlier this year, Constance Muholo, Dudutech Macrobial QC Manager, and the quality team from Dudutech went to Sher Afriflora’s 490Ha rose farm located at Ziway, Ethiopia to set up a QC bench at their facility. The project aimed at building customer-side knowledge and understanding, and provides end-to-end QC protocols and a team of trained technicians familiar with the process. This enables Sher to assess the condition of the mites they receive rapidly and confidently.

Constance Muholo, Dudutech Macro QC Manager, inspecting a sample under a microscope during the training session.

The effect of establishing the QC bench was almost immediately realised. The team were better able to correctly distinguish the mites within the bottles and so raised fewer queries. John Ogechah, Export Manager, said, “feedback from the customer has been positive so far.”