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Dudutech celebrates seven long service awards in 2020

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Earlier today, I was so incredibly proud to hand out six new Flamingo Horticulture Long Service Awards to members of the Dudutech team, for a total of 70 years of dedicated service. These new inductees are a perfect example of why we strive to build a working environment with a culture which develops careers rather than jobs. At seven years in Dudutech/Flamingo I am a little way off still but I look forward to receiving my own 10-year long service award in 2023.

Long Service Awards went to:


Peninah Muthoni – 10 years

Jabez Odhiambo – 10 years

Stephen Kioni Kioni – 10 years

Constance Muholo – 10 years

Denis Naibei – 15 years

Judith Kiluvu – 15 years



Tom Mason

Dudutech MD