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Memo from the MD: COVID-19

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FAO: External and Internal Communications
REF: Covid19
DOI: 19/03/2020

The health and safety of our community of customers, employees and partners across the world remains our top priority.

As a business we have installed strict measures in our operations to reduce risk against Covid19 / Coronavirus:

  1. Frozen all non-essential visits to our facilities.
  2. Frozen all non-essential travel.
  3. Background questionnaires and disclosures for site visitors.
  4. Sterilization liquid at all points of entry, employee clock-in facilities, offices, production facilities and work stations – including all transport and delivery vehicles.
  5. Reduction of face to face meetings with a transition to Microsoft teams, essential meetings are being held outdoors in direct sunshine with a 1 m spacing.
  6. Robust tracking and monitoring of employee cases across our global group of companies.
  7. Facilitating remote employees to continue work remotely.
  8. Facilitating and supporting self-quarantine.
  9. Robust communications to customers globally and locally in the event of any disruptions or legal changes.

Dudutech continues to operate with the same degree of rigour and discipline as is customary to our business operations and we will continue to maintain our communications as the challenges and solutions evolve.

Kind regards,
Tom Mason
Managing Director