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New Senior Technical Lead Appointed to UG and TZ

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To support our growers in the rest of East Africa, Dudutech has appointed Festus Kilee as Senior Technical Lead, Tanzania and Uganda. Festus will drive engagement with customers and allow Dudutech to better serve them.

Festus Kilee and Livingstone Chepukel (Dudutech Senior Technical Leads) inspecting plants at Korfovouni, Tanzania.

Festus brings considerable experience to his new role having spent 3 years in Ethiopia serving Sher Afriflora, the world’s biggest flower farm, after working in IPM for cut flowers and vegetables in Kenya. 

He will regularly visit Tanzania and Uganda to ensure continuous engagement with growers, whose main focus areas are cut flowers, avocados, and macadamias. Commenting on pests and diseases, Festus said, “Avocado’s major challenges in Tanzania are: Phytophthora root-rot, Damping-off disease, False codling moth (FCM), Fruitflies, Vine weevils. Major pests for cut flowers in the area are Thrips and spider mites.” 

To help tackle these challenges, Dudutech has registered a range of products in each country. Looking at the novel challenges, Festus said, “we are making every possible effort to ensure more products are registered in these regions for a wider range of solutions to the growers.” 


  • PHYTOTECH – predatory mites for RSM 
  • BEAUVITECH – Insect-killing fungi for Thrips and Whiteflies 
  • MYTECH – Nematode-killing fungi for Plant Parasitic Nematodes 
  • LECATECH – Insect-killing fungi for Thrips and Whiteflies 
  • TRICHOTECH – Beneficial soil fungus for soil health 


  • PHYTOTECH – predatory mites for RSM
  • MYTECH – Nematode-killing fungi for Plant Parasitic Nematodes 
  • TRICHOTECH – Beneficial soil fungus for soil health

According to Festus, “there is no doubt IPM is the future in farming, the growers are eager to know which solutions we can offer in a cost-effective and sustainable way.” He went on to say, the agricultural landscape in Tanzania and Uganda are very similar to Kenya, with growers open to new technologies.” 

Protecting our team through COVID-19 vaccination

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Dudutech team members registering the first shot of their COVID-19 vaccination.

As a part of our ongoing commitment to our team’s health and safety and joining the global drive to eliminate COVID-19, Dudutech is rolling out a vaccination program to the entire team. According to Benjamin Desruelle, Dudutech’s COO, the program which started on 16 April 2021 is “targeting a 100% vaccination rate for the first shot in December 2021.”

Wilson Wainaina, Dudutech’s HR manager, said “we have a reduced risk of our employees getting infected with Covid -19. As vaccination rates rise within the company, it is less likely people are to experience stress or skip health care appointments – which means happier and more productive employees.”

Dudutech team members queuing to receive the first shot of the COVID-19 vaccine at Ladybird Farm, Naivasha.

The vaccination program is aimed at helping further protect the health and wellbeing of our team. By working closely with all departments, the program has so far reached 85% of team members with the first dose, totalling 302.

The welfare committee was used to raise awareness by engaging directly with the participants. Although, Wilson said “religious beliefs and underlying medical conditions” were major challenges to the program.

Training for end-to-end QC protocols in Ethiopia a success

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The QC team during the training at Sher Afriflora, Ethiopia.

Building knowledge and understanding through QC training

Earlier this year, Constance Muholo, Dudutech Macrobial QC Manager, and the quality team from Dudutech went to Sher Afriflora’s 490Ha rose farm located at Ziway, Ethiopia to set up a QC bench at their facility. The project aimed at building customer-side knowledge and understanding, and provides end-to-end QC protocols and a team of trained technicians familiar with the process. This enables Sher to assess the condition of the mites they receive rapidly and confidently.

Constance Muholo, Dudutech Macro QC Manager, inspecting a sample under a microscope during the training session.

The effect of establishing the QC bench was almost immediately realised. The team were better able to correctly distinguish the mites within the bottles and so raised fewer queries. John Ogechah, Export Manager, said, “feedback from the customer has been positive so far.”



Phil Weller Nominated to sit on Biopesticide Advisory Board

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Phil Weller from Dudutech Zimbabwe has been nominated to represent the private sector on the Biopesticides Project Advisory Board by the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB).

The board is made up of experts from the industry, research and academia, regulators and farmer bodies, and will collaborate and consult on “Enhancing Trade Through Regulatory Harmonisation and Biopesticide Based Residue Mitigation in the SADC Region.” As the name implies, the project seeks to improve the agricultural trade position for the block (which includes Tanzania, DRC, Mozambique, Malawi, Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, eSwatini – formerly Swaziland – and Lesotho) by reducing pesticide residue levels through the adoption of biocontrols in agriculture.

Many major horticulture importing markets, such as the EU and US, have strict MRL (Maximum Residue Limit) regulations on the acceptable levels of pesticide residue on imported food and flowers. Globally, growers who wish to enter these markets often adopt IPM and biocontrols from Dudutech in their pest management programmes to work around MRL restrictions.

Phil Weller in a flower field outside Harare, Zimbabwe.

On being nominated, Phil said, “it is a great honour to be asked to play a part in such an important project.” With a member of the Dudutech team representing the private sector, we have a unique opportunity to help growers adopt IPM and mitigate residues on their farms.

Graph: Value Added Agriculture for SADC in US$.

According to World Bank data, since 2000, the combined value-added agriculture in the SADC region has more than doubled, from US$18 billion to around US$45 billion. Although production capabilities are in place, accessing high-value markets is a key to transforming the value of ag produce exported. By looking to other African countries which have had some success in enhancing their trade partly through the use of biologicals, such as Kenya, growers are able to see the value in adopting this new technology. For example, the same World Bank data for Kenya shows this metric balloon 10 times over from 2000 to 2020, reaching US$34.7 billion, nearly three-quarters of the value-added agriculture for the entire SADC region.

Contact us to find out more about how IPM can help you manage MRL challenges:

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Sources: World Bank Data, (2021):

Trichotech WP now approved in Ethiopia

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Dudutech’s Ethiopia team are excited to announce that TRICHOTECH WP has been approved for importation and use in Ethiopia, giving growers a powerful new tool for preventing diseases caused by Fusarium spp. and promoting good soil health. Our team have been working closely with local authorities to bring TRICHOTECH WP to market for Ethiopian growers.

TRICHOTECH WP has been an integral part of Dudutech’s IPM portfolio since 2002 and is helping farmers in Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, South Africa and now Ethiopia, with more on the way) combat plant disease without harming beneficial organisms, farmworkers or the environment.

TRICHOTECH WP mode of action.

T. asperellum is a powerful naturally occurring beneficial soil fungus used to manage diseases caused by Fusarium spp. and to promote plant growth. Each gram of TRICHOTECH WP contains 4 billion Trichoderma asperellum spores or Colony Forming Units (CFUs) mixed in an inert carrier. Once drenched on the crop, the spores germinate and the fungus grows, defending the roots and releasing nutrients locked in undecayed organic matter. By using TRICHOTECH WP, growers can sustainably manage crop disease, improve soil health and improve the health and vigour of the plant while using fewer chemicals.

Advantages of TRICHOTECH WP:

  • Protects and promotes good soil health
  • No resistance development
  • No harmful residues
  • No MRLs
  • 0 PHI and 0 REI


Ismael Yassin
Dudutech Ethiopia

+251 93 039 2276


Karibu Benjamin, Dudutech’s new COO

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FAO: Dudutech Website
REF: Benjamin Desruelle appointment.
DOI: 25/03/21

Dear All,
It is with great pleasure that I announce that Benjamin Desruelle will be joining Dudutech in the role of Chief Operating Officer – Dudutech Integrated Pest Management Ltd. Benjamin will be a member of the Dudutech Board of Directors and will be reporting to me as Managing Director, Dudutech Integrated Pest Management Ltd. All other reporting structures will remain as they are.

Benjamin has worked for Invivo Group for over seven years: His first secondment was from 2012 to 2014 within the Animal Health & Nutrition division as Operation Controller in Mexico, following this period Benjamin worked 3 years’ experience as Head of Finance at Covama. He returned to the Invivo group in 2018 as International Finance Controller for Bioline Agrosciences, the Integrated Pest Management division of Invivo, based in Paris.

At Bioline Agrosciences Benjamin has been involved in several projects, including, the creation of a subsidiary in Spain (Bioline Iberia) Implementation of new Financial Systems in France, the UK, the US & Spain, in addition, Benjamin has supported a number of major investment projects such as the construction of bio-factories in Spain and in the US. Benjamin speaks four languages – including French, Spanish, English and Portuguese.

“We are very enthusiastic to start this new life on the shores of Lake Naivasha & I particularly look forward to starting working with all of you”.

Benjamin Desruelle, Dudutech COO

Benjamin will be stationed with his family in Naivasha, Kenya. We hope they will enjoy their new neighbours – among them giraffe, zebra and other wildlife.

To find out more about his career and background, go to his Linkedin profile.

Tom Mason,
Managing Director,
Dudutech Integrated Pest Management Ltd

Dudutech acquired by Bioline Agrosciences (Invivo Group), Press Release

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FAO:    Press Release

REF:    Dudutech acquired by Bioline Agrosciences (Invivo Group)

DOI:     Tuesday, February 23, 2021



Dudutech, a division of Flamingo Group International, announces that they have been acquired by Bioline Agrosciences, a subsidiary of InVivo Group. By joining up with Bioline Agrosciences (InVivo), Dudutech becomes part of a world-class IPM provider, with over 40 years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of biologicals.

Established in 2001, Dudutech is Africa’s leader in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) with a wealth of experience in designing and delivering biological pest control solutions. With its new biofactory in Kenya Bioline Agrosciences owns now 8 production sites in the world (Europe/ North America and Africa).

Tom Mason, Managing Director of Dudutech said, “this acquisition is a unique chance for us to affirm our leading position in Africa, combining our technologies with the well-known brand and the extensive experience of Bioline Agrosciences. We look forward to working with the global Bioline team to enhance our service and product offering and to contribute to a future with sustainable, secure and safe agriculture.”


Commenting on the repositioning of Dudutech, Giles Turrell, CEO of the Flamingo Group, said: “Flamingo, with its substantial Growing operations in Kenya and Ethiopia, will continue to use Integrated Crop Management solutions as a production strategy. Therefore, it made sense for us to select Bioline Agrosciences as the future owner of Dudutech and preferred supplier. Our leading position in technology with a strong commitment to sustainable farming will ensure premium quality and innovative biocontrol solutions are widely available for our Group.”

Laurent Martel, CEO of Bioline Group, said “This new site in Kenya will be the spearhead of our expansion in Africa to promote new environmental-friendly technologies in agriculture.”

According to Thierry Blandinières, CEO of InVivo group, “this acquisition is a huge step for Bioline, our agricultural subsidiary, which is becoming a major player in biocontrol at the international level. It’s perfectly aligned with our vision to promote the agricultural and food transition towards a resilient agrosystem, by deploying innovative and responsible solutions and products.”

Ludwik Pokorny, CEO of Bioline Agrosciences, “the biocontrol market is growing strongly, and the acquisition of Dudutech will allow us to increase our technological leadership, complete our product portfolio. This is a unique opportunity to specialize in flower production by creating this partnership with the Flamingo Group and to bring our 40-year-old expertise on other crops in the region.”


Should you have any questions or comments, please contact our communications team on